The Essential Guide To Employee Engagement

Author:Ford & Harrison LLP
Profession:Ford & Harrison LLP

In this special Insider Report, we're diving head first into best practices behind supercharging employee engagement to positively impact your bottom line by reducing turnover and boosting productivity-outlining both short-and-long-term strategies for increasing engagement and maintaining it at a high level.

Employee engagement has been top of mind for HR professionals for the past several years. As an HR professional who keeps tabs on the latest news and trends in their field, you are probably hard pressed to have a week go by without seeing a new survey or study related to engagement, and a Google search on "employee engagement" currently garners 144 million results. Employers everywhere seem to be after best practices and tactics that will improve engagement in their organizations.

Engagement isn't just a gauge of employees' happiness or motivation, and it even goes well beyond their level of commitment and loyalty to your organization. Study after study conclusively demonstrates that higher levels of...

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