RSA CEO Speaks Out On Privacy

Author:Mr Stewart Baker
Profession:Steptoe & Johnson LLP

In a speech earlier this week to RSA 2012 in Europe, Art Coviello challenged privacy laws as a threat to, well, privacy:

"Intelligence-based security also requires information sharing at scale," said Coviello."

But these changes are held back by a number of things, including current privacy laws.

Coviello recounted a discussion he had with a CIO at a leading European manufacturer. Laws require him to protect personally identifiable information in his company's possession or run the risk of stiff fines and penalties, which is fair enough, the CIO told Coviello.

"However, if he implements the very technologies needed to protect that information, including visibility of traffic on his own network, he can potentially and inadvertently break laws designed to protect workers' privacy. So he can't win, ridiculous but true," said Coviello.

"Where is it written that cyber criminals can steal our identities but any industry action to protect us invites...

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