Gas Pipeline 'Accident Or Incident' Reporting Requirements Proposed Changes By Illinois Commerce Commission

Author:Barnes & Thornburg LLP's Environmental Law Department
Profession:Barnes & Thornburg

On June 1, 2012, the Illinois Commerce Commission published in the Illinois Register a notice of a proposed amendment to the requirements for reporting accident or incidents occurring in gas pipelines under 83 Ill. Adm. Code 595 ("Reports of Accidents or Incidents by Persons Engaged in the Transportation of Gas, or Who Own or Operate Gas Pipeline Facilities"). The amendment is to address differences between the current definition of "accident or incident" in the Illinois Adm. Code 595 and the definition of "incident" in the Federal pipeline regulations [49 CFR 191.3]. The change in the definition is reflected below:

Section 595.110 Definitions "Accident or incident", for the purposes of this Part, shall mean any or all of the events listed in 49 CFR 191.3 (January 1, 2011) following, the cause of which is gas escaping from pipeline facilities or liquefied natural gas facilities.: No later amendments or...

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