Net Neutrality: The FCC vs. California's Tough New Law!

Author:Mr Peter Vogel
Profession:Foley & Lardner

I've been blogging about Net Neutrality since my first blog on August 1, 2008 and now the latest saga was reported by the Washington Post that California voted to establish "the nation's toughest net neutrality law to prevent Internet providers from favoring certain websites, setting up a fight with federal regulators who voted last year to erase such rules." The August 31, 2018 article entitled "California lawmakers vote to pass toughest net neutrality law in the nation" after the FCC rolled back the federal Net Neutrality earlier this year and the report included these comments:

Industry groups have said a single, uniform law written by Congress would be far more effective at guaranteeing net neutrality protections for Internet users.

AT&T, which pushed hard against the California bill through its local lobbyists, has called for a national "Internet Bill of Rights" that would cover Internet providers and online platforms alike, such as Google and Facebook.

The limitations...

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