Illinois Offers Competitive Freight Program Grants; Deadline For Applications Is April 6, 2018

Author:Mr Hart Passman and Norma M. Krayem
Profession:Holland & Knight

Hart M Passman is a attorney in Holland & Knight's Chicago office

Norma M Krayem is senior policy advisor in Holland & Knight's Washington D.C. office

The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) has announced a competitive grant program that includes up to $225 million in funding for freight mobility projects. The Competitive Freight Program is designed to achieve four outcomes: 1) reduction of bottlenecks, 2) improvement of freight-related safety, 3) improvement of intermodal accessibility to and from freight corridors, and 4) deployment of technology.

Illinois has long been a leader on freight transportation issues and is often called the "gateway" of the nation. The announcement of available funding will continue to advance the state's focus on streamlining and supporting freight projects and is part of the State Freight Plan.

The funds are part of the State of Illinois' formula funds under the FAST Act (Fixing America's Surface Transportation Act) and are allocated over a five-year period, with an average of $45 million per year. The funds can cover a wide variety of planning, engineering and construction work related to freight movement along roadways and rail. Funding can only be used for projects on the Primary Highway Freight System, designated Critical Urban Freight Corridors or designated Critical Rural Freight Corridors. For all other projects, the applicant must concurrently seek designation of the affected highway or corridor for eligibility.

While local, state or governmental entities are eligible...

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