409A Déjà Vu All Over Again

Author:Mr David Broadwin
Profession:Foley Hoag LLP

With apologies to my favorite American philosoper, last week I participated as a panelist in a webinar on the topic of 409A.  The panel was sponsored by the good folks at Corporate Focus (which provides a great service that many law firms and companies use) for tracking stock and options.  They asked me along with Channing Hamlet from the appraisal firm of Cabrillo Advisors and Ed Sullivan from KPMG to talk briefly on a couple of 409A topics.  In addition, there was some Q and A at the end.  Below is a video of the webinar. 

Aside from yet again reviewing the significance of 409A and why startups should care about it, this webinar brought together a variety of perspectives on 409A in one place.  So,...

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